Driver Rescued by Bystanders as Car Ignites in Minnesota Crash

A group of compassionate individuals joined forces to rescue a driver from a blazing car just in the nick of time… and the heart-stopping rescue was captured on video.

Six people desperately clung to the car doors, their only hope of escape as they found themselves trapped against a formidable guardrail. Their unified strength aimed to pry the doors open, allowing the driver to break free from the perilous situation.

The flames grew higher and higher, causing the entire car to rock vigorously. However, despite the driver’s desperate attempts, the doors couldn’t be opened wide enough for them to escape.

Kadir Tolla, the person who captured the scene on his dash cam, attempted to break the window by using a discarded piece of plastic from the highway. However, his efforts were unsuccessful.

In a moment of crisis, as time ticked away and small explosions emanated from beneath the hood, a highway worker swiftly intervened. With deftness and precision, the worker shattered the driver’s window, allowing for a safe extraction of the trapped driver.

Tolla recounted to FOX Minneapolis that the incident was one of the most terrifying moments he had ever experienced. However, he made the decision to assist because he recognized that he could have easily found himself in a similar predicament. Moreover, he held onto the belief that if he were ever in need, strangers would extend their help to him as well.

The driver was rushed to Regions Hospital by paramedics for a medical evaluation. Despite the terrifying ordeal, he miraculously escaped any serious injuries.

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