Devastating storms wreak havoc in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana

Severe thunderstorms are set to roll through the Ohio Valley, bringing with them strong winds and a potential risk of tornadoes.

Intense, long-track tornadoes are expected to occur until Tuesday evening in Ohio and Kentucky, affecting cities such as Cincinnati and Louisville.

On Tuesday night, the tornado watch was expanded to encompass the states of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

A wide area of the country, spanning from Columbus, Ohio, to Charleston, West Virginia, to Nashville, Tennessee, to Birmingham, Alabama, to Columbus, Georgia, could be affected by severe thunderstorms. This includes the potential for tornadoes and strong gusts of wind.

Over 130,000 customers in West Virginia are currently without power.

Between Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon, there were reports of a total of nine tornadoes in four states: Oklahoma (three tornadoes), Kentucky (three tornadoes), Missouri (one tornado), Indiana (one tornado), and Illinois (one tornado).

Flood watches are currently in effect from Indiana to New Jersey, with several cities, including Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, anticipated to bear the brunt of the impact.

Pittsburgh is currently experiencing heavy rainfall, with two to three inches of rain already causing flooding in the area. The authorities have issued a flash flood warning in response to the situation.

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