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Mocobizscene  –  President Donald Trump’s unwavering support for NATO underscores his deep admiration and dedication to the brave servicemen and women who selflessly defend our beloved nation. Throughout his tenure, President Trump has consistently emphasized the importance of fulfilling pledge obligations within the Alliance. This sentiment echoes the sentiments of previous presidents and the NATO Secretary-General.

The alliance must provide resources to ensure its readiness goals are met. This emphasizes the importance of accountability. President Trump has made it clear that he will not deploy American troops to protect, fight, and sacrifice their lives for the Alliance if the Alliance itself does not commit the essential resources and personnel to defend the core values it represents.

Currently, the agreed-upon 2 percent GDP spending target is being met or exceeded by only one-third of NATO member nations. This is not a matter of unpaid country club fees; it is a matter of America’s trust in the Alliance and the lives of American servicemen and servicewomen who rely on NATO to be the most prepared and ready for conflict if Article 5 is invoked.

The core principle of the Alliance revolves around collective defense. Each member must collectively commit to spending at least 2 percent of their GDP on their own military readiness. President Trump’s criticism of NATO countries failing to meet this commitment is reasonable given the importance of these goals.

Discrediting the attention he has given to countries that fail to fulfill their solemn obligation puts America and American lives at risk.

President Trump’s strong stance on NATO is rooted in his genuine concern for American service members. As someone who has had the privilege of serving as a Senior Advisor for NATO Command and in the Trump administration as the Senior Advisor for Joint Military Affairs, I can attest to his unwavering dedication to our nation and its armed forces.

During my 27-year tenure in the United States Marines Corps, I had the privilege of holding a leadership position within the White House. This experience gave me valuable insights into the inner workings of politics. It was during this time that I discovered one of President Trump’s remarkable qualities – his genuine interest in seeking the opinions of military officers at all levels, as well as service members from diverse backgrounds. This inclusive approach sets him apart and demonstrates his commitment to hearing from those who serve our country.

During my time at the White House, I had the opportunity to witness the Commander-in-Chief deliberating on matters of troop deployment abroad. This was particularly evident in his approach to Afghanistan. President Trump frequently organized meetings exclusively with enlisted service members, where he prioritized open and candid discussions. These gatherings were often confidential and held without the presence of senior officers. The purpose was to ensure that Trump could gain a firsthand, unfiltered understanding of the perspectives of American warfighters who had spent years conducting combat operations on the ground.

During my participation in these engagements, I had the opportunity to observe firsthand the sincere respect and pride that President Trump held for the American military, as well as his profound love for the United States.

President Trump genuinely wants to do what is in the best interest of America and its citizens.

President Trump prioritizes America’s interests above all else. The Constitution, borders, national security, and democracy are of utmost importance to him.

NATO, the largest and arguably the most consequential Alliance in the world, relies on the fulfillment of pledges by individual countries for it to live up to its promise.

The United States will always prioritize American values and interests. We are committed to fulfilling our obligations and recognize the global responsibility to address those who do not.

President Trump is completely right in this case. All members of the Alliance must come together to ensure the collective defense of its members.

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