Deputies arrest 2 individuals who allegedly took the truck of a missing Georgia man found in a ditch.

Authorities are currently in search of an individual who was last spotted on June 10th and has yet to be located.

The Spalding County Sheriff’s Office deputies were alerted on June 21st about the sighting of Garland Sims Warren’s truck through a Flock camera notification.

In just a matter of minutes, a deputy was able to locate the parked truck behind the Dollar General Store situated at 3430 Jackson Road in Griffin.

Warren was the subject of a search effort conducted on both Friday and Saturday by crews.

The investigators thoroughly examined video footage and conducted door-to-door inquiries, urging locals to keep an eye out for any possible footage of the missing individual on their home security cameras.

After Warren’s truck was caught on the Flock camera, investigators diligently analyzed hours of footage of vehicles in the vicinity before, during, and after the sighting.

After locating a number of the automobiles, they proceeded to converse with the respective owners.

Over the weekend, Robert Earnest Peppers, 62, and Kelly Gail Osborn, 56, were interviewed by investigators at their residence.

During the interrogation, Peppers confessed to driving Warren’s vehicle and leaving it parked behind the Dollar General store.

Admitting to her actions, Osborn revealed that she had followed Peppers closely and subsequently picked him up after he had dropped off the truck.

After being taken into custody, the pair was brought to the sheriff’s office for questioning, and a search warrant was carried out on their residence by deputies.

Peppers stated in his interview that upon discovering Warren’s truck in a ditch, he found it to be unoccupied and subsequently drove it away.

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During the investigation, Peppers disclosed the location from where he stumbled upon the truck, and the authorities subsequently conducted a search in that vicinity.

A subsequent search warrant was carried out by the deputies at their residence, where they found some possessions that were later confirmed to be from Warren’s truck.

Sheriff Darrell Dix reported that both Peppers and Osborn are currently in custody at the Spalding County Jail and are being questioned about their involvement with Mr. Warren. The duo has currently been charged with theft by receiving stolen property. Sheriff Dix further stated that they are actively working on the case, gathering evidence, following up on leads, and conducting interviews. The investigators are working in partnership with Sheriff Dean and his team, who have been working tirelessly since the Flock alert. The Uniform Patrol Deputies are also working day and night, searching and supporting the criminal investigators. The primary focus of the investigation is to locate Mr. Warren, and the authorities are leaving no stone unturned.

The public has been urged by Sheriff Dix not to attempt searching for him on their own.

Dix emphasized that allowing people to trample through areas being investigated, whether on foot, on ATV’s, with dogs, horses, or conducting their own searches, does not aid their investigation. In fact, it can impede their efforts to gather pertinent evidence. Dix clarified that they have no issue requesting assistance from citizens if needed, as they did during the tornadoes in Spalding County. The people of Spalding County are always willing to lend a hand, work hard, and get involved when asked. However, at this time, Dix requested that everyone refrain from any interference or contamination that may hinder their investigation and allow them to do their job without any disruptions.

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If you possess any information, video footage, or leads related to this matter, kindly contact Lt. Jeff Smith or Sgt. A.J. Hammond at the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office on 770-467-4282, the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office on 478-272-1522, or the Spalding County 911 Center on 770-229-9911. Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

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