35-Vehicle Pile-Up In California Highway Leaves Two Dead And Nine Injured, Witnesses Recount Victims’ Desperate Pleas For Assistance

Mocobizscene- A devastating 35-vehicle traffic pileup on Saturday has resulted in the loss of two lives and left nine people injured.

A chaotic scene unfolded near Bakersfield, California, approximately 110 miles north of Los Angeles, as numerous cars and at least 18 semi-trucks collided on I-5 South, as reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).


According to CBS affiliate KUTV, officials have identified dense fog as a potential factor in the crash.

According to Manny Garcia, the Public Information Officer of CHP Buttonwillow, all the witnesses reported that there was heavy fog at the time of the collision. They mentioned that the visibility was only around 100 feet.

The scene was described as “chaotic” by Kern County Fire Department Battalion Chief Jim Calhoun, who noted the presence of wrecked 18-wheelers and multiple natural gas leaks.

According to Calhoun, the scene was quite chaotic when he arrived. The compressed natural gas had caused the saddle tanks on the side of the big rigs to rupture, resulting in a hazardous situation. Many bystanders who were not injured were attempting to assist others, but a cloud of natural gas surrounded them. Therefore, the first priority was to address the gas leak and evacuate everyone from the area.

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