Denise Honorio Taken Into Custody for Allegedly Vandalizing Over 50 Vehicles with Spray Paint

Mocobizscene- The authorities have successfully apprehended a woman who stands accused of vandalizing more than 50 vehicles in a parking garage located in Indianapolis.

Indiana State Police have made an arrest in connection with the vandalism of over 50 vehicles in a downtown parking garage. Denise Honorio, a 34-year-old resident of Indianapolis, was apprehended on Wednesday afternoon near the statehouse by an Indiana State Capitol Police officer. Surprisingly, she was wearing the same outfit that was captured on surveillance footage from the vandalism incident that occurred on February 2nd.

According to court documents, Honorio confessed to the officer that she was the woman captured in the surveillance photograph of the vandal suspect. Additional investigation uncovered an Indiana driver’s license belonging to someone else in Honorio’s possession. Further inquiries revealed that on the same day as the vandalism incident, Honorio reportedly assaulted a woman on Capitol Avenue and took her purse.

Honorio denied any involvement in the parking garage vandalism and robbery, despite admitting to being the woman in the surveillance footage. However, the police discovered that she was in possession of the victim’s purse and driver’s license.

Officer Robert Johnson’s vigilance not only resulted in the arrest of Honorio, but it also revealed links to other significant criminal activities. Captain Bob Burke of the Indiana State Police praised Johnson’s dedication and highlighted the collective efforts of various law enforcement agencies in central Indiana. As a result, Honorio is now facing preliminary charges that include robbery, battery with moderate injury, and vandalism exceeding $50,000. This collaborative approach ensures justice for the victims and helps resolve the overall case.

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