Criminal gangs in New York fueled by Biden’s failed border control

Mocobizscene- Critics had cautioned that President Biden’s border policies, which allowed for the entry of all individuals, would create an avenue for criminals to enter the country. The residents of New York City are now starting to experience the consequences of these policies.

There is a new wave of crime that is adding to the already existing migrant problems. According to the police, a gang of recent migrants, who commute on mopeds, has been targeting the public since November. They are believed to be responsible for at least 62 crimes, with the potential for as many as 150.

Two members of the group were apprehended by the police, who then identified Victor Parra, a 30-year-old Venezuelan migrant, as their ringleader. Two individuals have been accused of grand larceny for stealing a moped, as well as facing charges of resisting arrest and stolen property offenses. It is anticipated that at least one more individual will face arraignment on Tuesday.

Migrant moped gang hires hacker to breach banking apps; NYPD reveals new details about ‘sophisticated’ high-tech crime ring

A migrant moped gang has recently been exposed for their involvement in a high-tech crime ring, with the gang reportedly hiring a hacker to breach banking apps. The New York Police Department (NYPD) has revealed new information about the gang, describing their activities as highly sophisticated.

According to the NYPD, the gang, made up of migrants, has resorted to employing a hacker to gain unauthorized access to banking applications. This revelation sheds light on the increasingly sophisticated methods used by criminal organizations to carry out their illegal activities.

The use of technology in criminal operations is not a new phenomenon, but the involvement of a hacker in this particular gang highlights the evolving nature of crime in the digital age. By employing a skilled hacker, the gang was able to breach the security measures put in place by banking apps, allowing them to potentially gain access to sensitive financial information.

The NYPD’s investigation into the gang has uncovered further details about their operations. It is believed that the gang primarily operates using mopeds, which allows them to quickly navigate through crowded city streets. This mobility gives them an advantage, making it easier for them to evade law enforcement and carry out their criminal activities.

The gang’s activities have been described as highly organized and well-coordinated. They are known to target individuals who are distracted or vulnerable, often using their mopeds to snatch valuables such as smartphones and wallets. Their tactics involve swift and calculated maneuvers, enabling them to quickly escape from the scene of the crime.

Law enforcement agencies are continuously adapting to combat the ever-evolving sophistication of criminal organizations. The NYPD has been working diligently to apprehend members of this gang and disrupt their operations. By sharing new

details about the gang’s activities, the NYPD aims to raise awareness and encourage the public to remain vigilant, particularly when using banking apps or carrying valuable possessions in public.

As technology continues to advance, it is crucial for individuals and organizations to prioritize cybersecurity measures to protect against cybercrime. The case of this migrant moped gang hiring a hacker serves as a reminder of how criminals are utilizing technology to further their illicit activities. By staying informed and practicing safe online behavior, we can all play a role in combating these sophisticated high-tech crime rings.

The moped ring’s discovery comes shortly after two police officers were attacked by migrants. It’s shocking that even law enforcement officials were targeted.

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