Couple indulges in expensive meals and flees without paying, landing them in jail.

A Welsh couple who enjoyed lavish meals at restaurants but then fled without paying the bill are now facing the consequences of their actions: imprisonment.

Bernard and Ann McDonagh, who indulged in luxurious meals consisting of three-course delicacies, prime cuts of meat, and even double portions of dessert, were handed prison sentences on Wednesday for their fraudulent activities.

According to Judge Paul Thomas, their spree of dining and dashing was motivated by nothing but sheer greed.

According to the speaker, the intention behind visiting these places was not to provide for one’s family but rather to engage in criminal activities simply for the sake of being involved in criminality. He emphasizes that apart from the desire for more material gain, there was also a thrill derived from successfully evading the law.

The judge further condemned their actions, describing them as “ruthlessly exploitative” for involving their children in the scheme.

Whenever their bank card lacked sufficient funds, they would leave one of their six children behind at the table, pretending to go and withdraw money from an ATM.

The children never came back to settle their debt, and they eventually ran away to a waiting vehicle.

The couple, with their faces covered, rushed into court. They had previously admitted to committing five counts of fraud. According to a prosecutor, they defrauded four restaurants and a Chinese takeout business, amounting to nearly 1,170 pounds ($1,485). These fraudulent activities took place last fall.

They were caught after restaurants shared pictures of them on social media. These two individuals have a long history of convictions and have used over 40 different aliases.

Ann McDonagh, a 39-year-old woman, has been sentenced to 12 months in prison after admitting to four counts of shoplifting. In addition to her shoplifting charges, she also obstructed a constable by falsely claiming to be nine months pregnant in an attempt to evade arrest. It was later revealed that she was not actually expecting a child at the time.

According to her attorney, Andrew Evans, he mentioned that she was going through a grieving process due to the deaths in her family, although he did not provide any further details. He suggested that she might have committed the crimes as a way to “find solace” or alleviate her emotional pain.

Bernard McDonagh, aged 41, received a prison sentence of eight months.

According to defense lawyer Giles Hayes, the husband expressed deep embarrassment and shame over the situation. He went on to explain that the husband had brought the money to court with the intention of reimbursing the restaurants.

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