Celtics can start contemplating championship after successful completion of first quest in NBA Finals

The Boston Celtics achieved a major milestone on Monday night as they made their way back to the NBA Finals.

Now, the team is setting their sights on an even greater achievement – winning the franchise’s 18th championship, a goal that has evaded them for over a decade.

Despite reaching six conference titles in eight seasons, the Boston Celtics have only made it to The Finals for the second time in that period. Their current 16-year championship drought is the second-longest in the history of the franchise, since winning their first NBA title in 1957.

The crowning achievement of an already remarkable season awaits.

Indiana Pacers coach Rick Carlisle praised the Boston team, mentioning their strong performance throughout the season. He acknowledged their dominance by stating that they led the league from start to finish. Despite his own team’s 4-0 sweep in the conference finals, Carlisle commended the Celtics for their exceptional skills. He specifically highlighted their ability to block shots, secure offensive rebounds, and make crucial shots when it mattered the most.

Boston has shown exceptional performance in every aspect during this year’s playoffs.

The Celtics have been on an impressive winning streak, securing seven consecutive victories. Notably, they have excelled on the road, boasting a flawless record of 6-0. Their latest triumph was a remarkable comeback in Game 4 against Indiana, where they emerged victorious with a score of 105-102.

What sets the Celtics apart is their ability to thrive in high-pressure situations. They have displayed exceptional resilience, prevailing in all three elimination games they have encountered. Their recent encounters with Indiana highlighted their tenacity, as they triumphed in crucial moments. With resounding 13-2 and 7-0 closing spurts, they brought an end to the Pacers’ previously flawless 2024 playoff run at home, consequently concluding their season.

The Dallas Mavericks or Minnesota Timberwolves will be up next. The Western Conference finals are currently led by Dallas, with a 3-0 advantage. They have the opportunity to secure the series on their home court on Tuesday night.

Boston has been seeking assistance from various sources to meet its needs.

Jayson Tatum may have grabbed the spotlight with his impressive performances, including two games with 36 points and a near triple-double in Game 4. However, there were other standout moments in the series that deserve recognition. Al Horford, at the age of 37, defied expectations by sinking seven 3-pointers in Game 3. Despite battling an illness, Jrue Holiday skillfully stole the ball from Andrew Nembhard. And let’s not forget Derrick White, who nailed the go-ahead 3-pointer in Game 4. Despite these memorable moments, it was Jaylen Brown who truly stood out and was rightfully chosen as the series MVP.

“I never saw it coming,” Brown expressed, reflecting on the unexpected outcome of not being included in the all-NBA teams. However, as time passed and I reached this stage, I have learned not to dwell on it anymore. It no longer concerns me who notices my worth as long as my team recognizes it, my city acknowledges it, and my family understands it. That’s all that truly matters to me.”

The Celtics are well aware of the significant impact Brown has had on their team. It’s clear that without him, they would not be where they are today.

With just six minutes left on the clock, Boston found themselves trailing by eight points. But thanks to an exceptional performance by Brown, who scored 29 points and snagged six rebounds, the team managed to make a stunning comeback. Brown’s contributions didn’t stop there – he also showcased his defensive prowess by forcing two turnovers and delivering a remarkable block on Nembhard. This exceptional play set the stage for White’s game-winning shot, securing a memorable victory for Boston.

Holiday’s reaction spoke volumes, especially considering his recent NBA championship win with the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2020-21 season.

“I believe it’s even more remarkable that he wasn’t anticipating it. It shows that it wasn’t a priority for him,” Holiday expressed. “His focus was on winning and doing whatever it took, regardless of the time it required. That’s what mattered to him, and I think when you possess that mentality and mindset, you witness exceptional individuals being recognized for their efforts.”

Holidays are something that everyone can relate to and understand.

When the Bucks traded him to Portland in September in exchange for Damian Lillard, he didn’t know what would come next. Just four days later, the Celtics struck a deal with the Trail Blazers to acquire this two-time All-Star and defensive specialist, with high hopes that he could contribute to their pursuit of a championship.

The Celtics’ decision to invest in Holiday has already paid off significantly. Now, with Holiday’s contribution and the potential comeback of starting center Kristaps Porzingis from a strained right calf injury that has sidelined him since April 29, Boston may be on the brink of another remarkable accomplishment.

“We didn’t reach our ultimate goal last year, as we lost in the conference finals,” Tatum acknowledged. “However, we have taken all the lessons from that experience and applied them to this season and postseason, and it’s been incredibly effective.”

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