Cell phone outages during eclipse predicted by New York State

The New York Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is alerting residents of New York State about a potential cell phone outage during the Eclipse.

The New York Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has important information to share with residents of New York State.

In preparation for the anticipated surge in visitors to the State, officials recently conducted a press conference to address concerns about the strain on the power grid in Western New York. While it is possible that cell phone service may experience intermittent disruptions on April 8th, it is important to note that emergency services, including 911, will remain operational.

According to Localsyr.com, Commissioner Jackie Bray of the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has announced that the state is taking measures to alleviate congestion. To assist drivers, assets such as heavy tow trucks and help trucks from the Department of Transportation are being deployed. In addition, residents and travelers are advised to stay informed by using 511NY for updates.

    • Gas Stations across the New York State Thruway and surrounding areas are topping off to make sure it can handle the influx of people
    • Campgrounds are 100% sold out for the night before the eclipse at all New York State Parks.
    • The New York State campgrounds are sold out 93% at capacity for Monday night. At that point the eclipse will be over.
    • New York State is reminding you that cell phones might be overloaded and might not work. But, it is important to note that 911 WILL ALWAYS WORK. The officials reminded (joked?) that being stuck in traffic is not a true emergency.

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