Brother of Nikola Jokic Engages in Physical Altercation with Fan at Nuggets Game

Nikola Jokic’s brother was not in a celebratory mood following the Nuggets’ impressive comeback win over the Lakers on Tuesday. In fact, he took matters into his own hands and physically confronted a fan in the stands during the playoff game. Shockingly, the incident was captured on video, leaving no room for denial or misunderstanding.

Witnesses reported that the violent incident occurred shortly after Joker and his Denver teammates secured a 101-99 victory against LeBron James and his team, putting them ahead 2-0 in the first-round series.

In the video, we see Strahinja, Joker’s older brother, as he leaps over a seat at Ball Arena and makes his way down a row. He kicks his way through the crowd, determined to get closer to the male spectator.

Strahinja swiftly closed the distance and delivered a powerful punch with his right hand, landing a direct hit on the fan’s face.

The confrontation didn’t end there. Both sides continued to exchange heated words even after the altercation. Strahinja’s brother, Nemanja, stood by his side, providing support.

During the altercation, Jokic’s wife, Natalija, was in close proximity to Jokic’s brothers. She was holding their young daughter and tried to pull Strahinja back.

The cause of the altercation is still uncertain, and we are currently investigating the matter.

The Jokic brothers are well-known for their passionate defense of NBA superstars during games. They are not afraid to express their opinions to players, referees, and fans.

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