Brooklyn graduation ceremony results in attack on Jewish family, leading to $100M lawsuit against NYC

A graduation ceremony for fifth-graders in Brooklyn quickly escalated into a brawl, resulting in the family who was attacked suing the city for $100 million. The incident, which took place in Gravesend, has left many shocked and appalled.

The incident took place on June 14 at around 10:45 a.m. at PS 682 in Gravesend.

During the ceremony, a fellow student walked across the stage holding a graduation cap that had “Free Palestine” written on it, while clutching a Palestinian flag. Lerner’s twin boys were also present at the event.

As it came time to snap some photos, Lerner’s family found themselves standing next to the other student’s family. However, things took a turn for the worse as their conversation continued and tensions escalated.

According to Lerner, her husband attempted to de-escalate the situation, but suddenly, an individual from the opposing family reportedly punched her husband without warning and proceeded to assault their teenage son who was present at the time.

The fight had already caused damage by the time two teachers intervened and stopped it.

Lerner expressed her disappointment as she shared the unfortunate incident that happened during her children’s fifth-grade graduation. According to her, the graduation was a happy occasion filled with songs and beautiful videos until something unexpected occurred. She lamented that her children will always remember this day as the one where their family got attacked, instead of it being a day of celebration.

Authorities have arrested and charged 26-year-old Ez-Al Dean Bazar with assault.

Attorney Sanford Rubenstein has called on the district attorney’s office to consider the involvement of others in a recent incident, in addition to the individual who was arrested. Rubenstein also urged the office to charge the incident as a hate crime once they make a determination on the charges.

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In relation to the recent incident, the NYC Department of Education has launched an investigation and issued a statement addressing the matter.

“We firmly condemn any violent or aggressive behavior during graduation ceremonies and believe that these events should be celebrated with happiness and positivity. Although we have received reports of both families exhibiting aggressive behavior, we are currently investigating the matter and actively working with both families to find a peaceful resolution.”

The education department has a policy regarding graduation attire, which states that any political statement or activity that may cause disruption is strictly prohibited.

The suspect charged update is reported by Sonia Rincon.

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