Biden’s VA Fails Veterans by Neglecting their Homes

As elected leaders who frequently collaborate with the federal government, it comes as no surprise to us when they fail to keep their promises.

It is truly shocking when the federal government suddenly withdraws support from our brave Veterans, who have selflessly served our country and deserve our unwavering support.

Biden’s Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has done exactly that to Idaho veterans and veterans nationwide. The VA initially approved grant funding for building and renovating veterans’ homes in Idaho and other states, but then abruptly withdrew it, despite the states, including Idaho, having already invested substantial resources to kickstart the projects.

The construction and renovation of Veterans homes in Boise, Pocatello, and Lewiston now encounter substantial obstacles and increased costs to reach completion, assuming they can even reach that point.

Veterans homes provide a welcoming and comfortable living environment for our esteemed Veterans. Within these homes, Veterans can enjoy the camaraderie of fellow service members while receiving the necessary healthcare services they deserve after selflessly serving our nation and its people.

The VA granted funds to the State of Idaho to support the enhancement of Veterans homes. Surprisingly, the VA later informed Idaho and other states that the funding was contingent on their compliance with a different law that was passed after the grants were already approved.

The federal government’s decision to shift the rules halfway through the game is a prime example of their lack of consideration for our Veterans.

Federal agencies were given the authority by Congress to issue waivers to states, ensuring that they would not have to go through the time-consuming process of restructuring bids and delaying the advancement of crucial projects.

The Biden Administration has granted waivers for various projects in sectors like transportation, housing, agriculture, and even electric vehicle chargers. Surprisingly, one area where waivers have not been provided is for Veterans.

Yes, you read it correctly. The Biden Administration is prioritizing electric vehicles over veterans.

Idaho Veterans and those who support them should feel a strong sense of outrage.

Our congressional delegation has proposed a solution known as the Waiving Arbitrary and Inconsistent Veteran Home Eligibility Requirements (WAIVER) Act. This proposed legislation would make it mandatory for the Secretary of the VA to grant waivers for states like Idaho. If Congress and the president act promptly, this means that the construction of the Boise, Pocatello, and Lewiston Veterans homes could resume without any further delays.

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