Biden approves comprehensive aviation safety and infrastructure bill worth $105 billion

President Joe Biden signed a comprehensive $105 billion bipartisan bill aimed at enhancing aviation safety and investing in airport infrastructure. Describing it as a significant victory for travelers, the aviation workforce, and the economy, Biden emphasized the positive impact this bill will have on the aviation industry.

On Thursday, the White House announced that President Biden has officially signed the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Act of 2024. This comes after the bill received overwhelming support in both the House and Senate, with a vote of 387-26 and 88-4 respectively.

“This bill is a major victory for Americans,” expressed Senator Maria Cantwell, a Democrat from Washington and chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, in a recent statement. She led the bill that has now been sent to President Biden’s desk.

The FAA bill, which spans until 2028, encompasses a substantial amount of funding, exceeding $105 billion. A significant portion of this budget, approximately $67 billion, will be allocated towards safety programs, aimed at enhancing aircraft certification reform and air carrier oversight. Additionally, the bill sets aside over $19 billion for FAA infrastructure improvement grants, benefiting a vast network of 3,300 airports nationwide. Furthermore, close to $18 billion will be dedicated to the modernization of technologies and systems within FAA facilities.

In addition to the funding, the bill also establishes explicit criteria for airlines regarding refunds, bans charges for family seating, and ensures that passengers have access to customer service at all times.

The aim is to address the deficiency of around 3,000 air traffic controllers by instructing the FAA to enhance staffing standards and establish maximum hiring goals to boost staffing levels.

According to Biden, the bill aims to enhance the travel experience for airline passengers by reinforcing the Department of Transportation’s regulation that requires airlines to provide automatic refunds in the event of flight cancellations or significant delays.

He expressed his concern that passengers should not have to go through a series of complicated procedures in order to receive the refunds that they are entitled to. Additionally, he emphasized that corporations should not take advantage of hardworking Americans by charging them with undisclosed and unnecessary fees.

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