Clayton County man charged with 24 offenses after crashing vehicle in third police pursuit within a week

Clayton County sheriff’s deputies finally nabbed a man after engaging in three separate chases with him.

During the weekend, authorities attempted to stop Alexander Dunn, who was operating a gold Toyota Avalon, but he chose to accelerate and evade capture.

On Monday, they once again spotted the car and made another attempt to pull it over. However, the driver chose to speed off once more.

While on patrol in the Riverdale Road area on Wednesday, deputies noticed a license plate that had been transferred to a black GMC Denali Terrain.

Despite the deputies’ attempts to block the GMC, Dunn managed to escape once more, displaying reckless driving behavior.

During the chase, a viewer of Channel 2 Action News contacted the station and reported that the car came dangerously close to hitting her.

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