Basketball player Andrew Washington, also known as ‘Sponge,’ fatally shot in Prince George’s County

WASHINGTON – In a recent development, it has been reported that…

Jamal Shivers received a call on Saturday that no friend ever wants to receive. It was the news of Andrew Washington’s tragic death in a shooting incident. Known as “SpongeBob” in the basketball world and beyond, his loss has deeply saddened many.

“I felt a wave of nausea wash over me,” Shivers confessed.

According to Prince George’s County police, a man was discovered fatally shot in his vehicle in Hillcrest Heights during the early hours of Saturday morning. Additionally, less than a block away, another man was found with gunshot wounds and in need of medical attention.

The DMV community regarded Washington, the man who tragically passed away, as a legendary figure in D.C. basketball.

“I was about to say Sponge, but Andrew was a good guy. He was a friend of mine from high school,” Shivers shared with 7News at the Barry Farms Recreation Center in Southeast D.C. on Sunday evening.

“I witnessed him truly excel as a player on this very court, Barry Farms,” shared Shivers. “Hence, I felt it was fitting to be present here.”

Shivers found himself immersed in the familiar sights of hoops, nets, and sidelines, reminiscent of the early days of Washington’s career in his twenties.

It’s just been death all over our city, it seems like, because the city is so small. It seems that you’re only three people away from whatever happens out here. It’s just like surreal,” said Shivers.

Washington was a talented player who honed his skills at the University of Delaware before venturing into tournaments both in the United States and abroad. In addition, he was a part of the Ones Basketball League, which former NBA player Tracy McGrady established.

Shivers mentioned that Washington had gained a reputation for his dedication to motivating the younger generation, both within and beyond the basketball court.

According to Shivers, whether or not someone was actually a basketball player didn’t matter to Sponge. If he felt it was necessary, he would offer valuable advice, unlike many other adults who may hesitate to get involved or have a say in these kids’ lives. Shivers describes Sponge as tenacious and an animal on the court, but even more remarkable as a person.

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