Bail granted to suspects charged in Michael Cole, Jr.’s death

Mocobizscene- Two teenagers charged in the death of Michael Cole, Jr. have been granted bond, according to reports. According to court documents, Nicholas King-Sheppard and Nedvin Jones initially denied any involvement in Cole’s death. However, they eventually confessed to the crime in their statements.

Jones admitted that he had devised a plan along with King-Sheppard, Cole, and a few others to drive to a residence on Gaston Avenue and open fire on it. The motive behind this premeditated act was due to the belief that someone residing in that home had stolen firearms belonging to Jones.

King-Sheppard admitted to driving the group to Gaston Avenue to execute the plan, but he denies being in possession of a gun himself. Both teenagers have their bonds set at $750,000. If they are able to make bond, they will still be subject to several conditions:

    • They will be made to wear ankle monitors.
    • They will have a curfew set at 6 p.m. and will not be allowed to leave their home until again 6 a.m. the next day.
    • They are banned from owning or possessing any guns or deadly weapons.

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