Award-winning nurse claims she was terminated for expressing pro-Palestinian views

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the country’s biggest Muslim civil rights organization, is advocating for justice in the case of a nurse who was reportedly terminated from NYU Langone for expressing pro-Palestinian views while accepting an award last month.

Her job of 9 years came to an abrupt end when she was let go two weeks later.

As she was escorted off the unit by a police officer, a feeling of humiliation washed over her. Having worked there for nearly a decade, it was a difficult moment. However, she remained determined and resolved to overcome the situation.

In her acceptance speech, she highlighted her Palestinian American identity and shared her values. Additionally, she also referenced the tragic deaths that occurred in Gaza.

She expressed her deep concern over the ongoing genocide in Gaza and how it is affecting women from her country. “It’s heartbreaking to witness the unimaginable loss that these women are experiencing,” she stated.

Jabr was reminded by her bosses about their previous discussions regarding the avoidance of political topics in the workplace, as she recounted in her speech.

According to her, NYU Langone attempted to silence the Palestinian American community at the hospital, and she faced constant harassment regarding her political views in the period preceding her termination.

She expressed that NYU had violated their own code of conduct policies and even the law by discriminating, harassing, bullying, threatening, and financially retaliating against her as a Palestinian when she used her voice to speak out about the injustices happening to her country and her people on her personal time, off NYU grounds, and with no affiliation to her workplace.

The hospital is facing a lawsuit from Jabr.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in New York has reported that her circumstance is not uncommon.

Afaf Nasher, Executive Director of CAIR-New York, stated that she believed the actions of the individuals in question were discriminatory and illegal. She emphasized that the crux of the issue was the woman’s Palestinian identity.

According to Jabr, the lawsuit is expected to be filed within the next few weeks.

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