Authorities report that a teenager obstructed a police vehicle during a car gathering in Northeast Philadelphia.

Upon arrival at the 500 block of Adams Avenue, authorities discovered approximately 200 individuals and 100 vehicles present in the area.

According to officials, a police officer turned on his lights and sirens when a group of bystanders surrounded his car. One of the teens reportedly stood in front of the vehicle, leaned on the hood, and signaled with his finger that the officers were not allowed to pass.

According to the authorities, the young individual escaped in a gray Infiniti G35, which attempted to drive away from the area. However, the crowd obstructed the vehicle’s path, preventing it from leaving the scene.

According to PPD, the teenager attempted to flee on foot but was eventually apprehended.

Three individuals were apprehended while the Infiniti they were travelling in was being towed.

    • Alex Collins, 18, of Honey Brook
    • James Campitelli, 19, of Douglasville
    • An unnamed 16-year-old

According to the police, they charged all three individuals with criminal conspiracy, failure to disperse, disorderly conduct, and other related offenses.

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