After being shot by Montebello police, attempted murder suspect damaged patrol vehicles while fleeing

On Tuesday, a suspect who was wanted for attempted murder was apprehended after he intentionally crashed his car into two detective vehicles. As a result, the police had to shoot him, which led to the suspect sustaining injuries.

Long Beach Police Department’s gang unit detectives were under surveillance in the 700 block of Via Altamira, investigating a shooting incident that occurred last month.

According to authorities, a woman was shot on September 25th in the 6000 block of Olive Avenue in Long Beach and they suspect that the perpetrator is a 33-year-old man.

According to a statement by the police, during the surveillance, the suspect was observed leaving the residence and heading towards a gas station nearby. The suspect was tracked down by detectives to a Chevron station located near W Beverly Boulevard and N Garfield Avenue. They attempted to apprehend him at the scene.

During a news conference held on Tuesday afternoon, Allison Gallagher, the executive communications officer for the Long Beach Police Department, stated that the suspect intentionally struck two detective vehicles and at least one citizen vehicle while attempting to flee in a vehicle. Gallagher added that “at this point, an officer-involved shooting occurred.”

Police have reported that the suspect sustained multiple gunshot wounds. According to reports, nearby residences were evacuated when the suspect barricaded himself inside an apartment.

During the news conference led by Gallagher on Tuesday afternoon, it was reported that there was only one suspect involved, contrary to initial reports of two suspects. The suspect is currently hospitalized in stable condition and will be booked once medically cleared, according to the police.

The police department stated that they had provided officers with body-worn cameras. They also mentioned that they are currently reviewing the footage and plan to release it to the public as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the suspect’s crash into the patrol vehicles caused minor injuries to one of the officers.

The incident resulting in injury or death caused by officer-involved shootings is thoroughly investigated by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. This investigation is conducted independently and in accordance with their established protocols. In addition, the California Department of Justice has been informed of the incident.

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