Atlanta Public Schools’ ‘Superheroes’ addressing mental health crisis

Chandler Barron, an 8-year-old boy, is determined to lend a helping hand to his friends in need. With unwavering determination, he and his alter ego embark on a mission to provide the assistance they require.

The talented third grader from Sarah Smith Elementary School, who goes by the name Spider-Man, recently created a captivating music video titled “You’re a Sunflower.”

Barron expressed his admiration for the superhero he watches on TV, noting how he swings around and rescues people.

“Do you have a desire to help people?” inquired Berndt Petersen, a reporter from Channel 2.

Barron confirmed his agreement with a simple “Yes.”

Atlanta Public Schools is sponsoring an initiative to tackle a pressing issue known as the mental health crisis.

During the survey, students were given the opportunity to imagine themselves as superheroes and were asked how they would utilize their extraordinary abilities to assist children who are facing difficult circumstances.

Principal Dwight Hutson acknowledged that families and children have been experiencing significant challenges.

According to Hutson, the pandemic has had a profound impact on families, both in terms of losing loved ones and facing financial hardships. In response, the school system has devised a plan to foster mutual encouragement among children and engage their parents as well.

“We were discussing incidents that occurred at school and affected both Barron and his classmates. These were the things that troubled him,” shared Josie, Barron’s mother.

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