Atlanta cemetery unable to locate burial site of widow’s husband

In an exclusive report by Channel 2 Action News, a widow has come forward to claim that a cemetery in southwest Atlanta has misplaced her husband’s burial plot.

Workers have indicated that her case may not be the only one.

Upon receiving the report, an investigation was initiated into the cemetery, as workers revealed the possibility of other families being unaware of the burial locations of their loved ones.

Vera Blount and her attorney have presented court documents from a gravedigger and an office worker at the cemetery, both of whom have stated that they are unaware of the exact location where Mr. Blount was laid to rest.

In her depositions, she suggests that he may not be the only one.

Blount expressed her strong disapproval of the situation, stating, “I think it’s absolutely terrible. Losing a loved one is already devastating enough.”

Almost two years ago, she expressed her disbelief in the authenticity of the headstone as a proper marker for her husband’s remains.

The cemetery staff moved it that same year without Blount’s permission, she said.

An investigation was initiated by the Secretary of State’s Cemetery Division in response to the story.

Blount emphasized the importance of delving into the issue and finding a solution.

During the depositions of two employees from Greenwood Cemetery, the family’s attorney, Ortavia Simon, discovered a wealth of information, leading to the filing of a lawsuit.

Simon stated that there have been numerous cases, at least 17 to 20 times since 2018, where bodies were discovered in graves where they were not meant to be buried.

According to Simon, the primary gravedigger and officer worker attributed the issue to inadequate records and inaccurate maps.

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