Homeowner who was held captive by a man accused of shooting a Philadelphia police officer shares his frightening experience.

Over the weekend, a Philadelphia police officer was shot while on duty and is currently in critical condition, bravely fighting for his life.

Since Saturday night, he has remained in the ICU.

After a widespread search and a tense standoff, the alleged shooter has been arrested and charged.

Action News has obtained further details about the thrilling ending to the search.

Police have identified the suspect as Ramon Rodriguez Vazquez, who is 36 years old.

On Saturday night, the police arrested him for shooting an officer and then barricading himself inside a stranger’s home while holding that resident hostage.

In an exclusive interview with Action News, the homeowner communicated through a translator.

While choosing to remain anonymous, the hostage revealed that the perpetrator who held him captive made a phone call to explain how he had shot an officer and was seeking assistance.

According to the homeowner, he was sitting outside when Vazquez entered his house as if it was his own and held him hostage.

The man sat there for almost two hours, feeling frightened and unsure of his next move.

The translator recounted the frightening experience of the victim, who expressed his fear and surprise at the turn of events. According to the victim, he was simply on the steps enjoying the cool air when he was suddenly grabbed by the assailant, who held him hostage and ordered him to stay put until things settled down. The victim was told that he would be released once the situation was under control and the assailant had left the premises.

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According to the authorities, the incident began after a pair of officers initiated a traffic stop in the Kensington neighborhood of the city at around 8 p.m. on Saturday, specifically in the 3500 block of F Street.

During the stop, officers observed a holster and confirmed the presence of four individuals in the car.

According to the police, at that moment, Vazquez escaped from the site and in the process, discharged three rounds of bullets at the officers.

As of now, the wounded officer is still in critical condition and is being treated in the surgical ICU.

Late on Saturday night, Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel delivered a speech outside of Temple University Hospital.

Bethel expressed that she usually visits the place with frustration over the struggles faced by her team. However, her purpose today was different. She attended an auditorium with around 75 to 100 individuals from the East Division, where Commissioner Stanford led them in a prayer for their officer. Bethel urged the citizens of Philadelphia to join her in praying for the officer.

Philadelphia Mayor Cherelle Parker (D) has urged everyone to pray for the Philadelphian who is serving and protecting the citizens of the city under difficult circumstances. She also requested prayers for his partner.

Police have taken several individuals who were in the car with the shooter into custody, but it remains uncertain whether they will be charged with any crimes.

Vazquez has been charged with a multitude of offenses, including attempted murder, burglary, kidnapping, and several others related to the home invasion incident.

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The authorities have not yet disclosed the identity of the officer who sustained gunshot wounds. However, they have confirmed that he is a six-year veteran of the force and is 31 years old.

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