Assistant principal at NYC high school arrested for inappropriate contact with 15-year-old girl

An assistant principal of a public high school in Queens was arrested on Wednesday for engaging in inappropriate contact with a 15-year-old student, according to police and law enforcement sources.

According to police and sources, Michael Budhu, a 52-year-old administrator at John Adams High School, is accused of touching the inner thigh of a female student on Monday.

According to sources, the assistant principal reportedly showed the same teenager a video of himself engaging in sexual activity with another person on Tuesday. During this disturbing incident, he allegedly made an inappropriate comment, saying, “This could be you.”

8th-grade students were recently given an assignment that involved evaluating Adolf Hitler as a “solution seeker” and an “ethical decision-maker.” This controversial exercise has sparked outrage and concern among parents and the wider community. The assignment raises questions about the appropriateness of studying and discussing such a sensitive and deeply troubling historical figure in an educational setting.

It is crucial to put an end to the unfair practice of prioritizing certain students over others in Manhattan.

After the student reported the adult’s disgusting actions, authorities swiftly took him into custody at the Rockaway Boulevard school around 10 a.m. on Wednesday, according to police and sources.

Police said that Budhu has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and sexual abuse in the third degree.

Department of Education spokeswoman Jenna Lyle stated that the alleged behavior is reprehensible, emphasizing that the safety and well-being of students is of utmost importance.

“The employee in question has been temporarily reassigned while an investigation takes place.”

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