Asher HaVon becomes the first LGBTQ winner of ‘The Voice’ from Alabama, creating history

An Alabama native has made history in the world of reality television competitions by emerging as the champion of season 25 of “The Voice.”

Asher HaVon, a talented singer from Selma, emerged victorious in the singing contest on Tuesday. He was guided and mentored by none other than Reba McEntire, a renowned singer-songwriter who has won numerous awards.

On Thursday, U.S. Representative Terri Sewell took the opportunity to address the House Floor and extend her congratulations to HaVon for his impressive victory.

“Asher’s journey as a singer began within the walls of the church, where his talent first flourished. His exceptional abilities even caught the attention of President Obama, who had the privilege of witnessing Asher’s performance during his visit commemorating the historic Selma to Montgomery March’s 50th anniversary,” Sewell proudly shared. “I urge my fellow colleagues to join me in celebrating the remarkable achievement of Asher HaVon from Selma, Alabama, as he emerges victorious as the winner of ‘The Voice.’ The entire Selma community is overflowing with pride, eagerly anticipating the countless accomplishments he will undoubtedly attain in the future.”

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