Aberdeen Couple’s Sleep Disturbed After Winning $2.1M in ‘Multi-Match’ Jackpot

Now, they struggle to get any sleep at all.

An Aberdeen couple made their way to Lottery Headquarters in Baltimore to claim their $2.1 million prize. They hit the jackpot playing “Multi-Match” on Monday, March 25th with a ticket purchased at Klein’s ShopRite on Riverside Parkway in Belcamp. Their big win might just inspire them to embark on some exciting travels in the near future.

The winning combination of numbers in their fortunate draw were: 08-15-18-30-36-38.

“It’s the only game I play,” the husband reflected as he proudly claimed the seven-figure prize. “It’s the game where you have the greatest opportunity to win big.”

The couple revealed that they couldn’t sleep once they realized that they were the lucky winners of the jackpot. They came to the realization that they had struck gold at 4 a.m. the next morning.

After the drawing, the husband checked his ticket but didn’t believe they had won. However, he later heard that the winning jackpot ticket was sold at the Belcamp food store, the exact place where he had purchased his ticket. Intrigued, he decided to double-check his numbers once more.

“My husband asked me, ‘Will you be angry if I wake you up to tell you that I won $2.1 million?'” his wife recounted to officials. At that moment, she was fully alert, playfully adding, “He went back to sleep, but I haven’t been able to sleep since then.”

“It has been quite a shock.”

The husband, who has been playing Maryland Lottery games since its establishment, expressed his determination to continue playing. He cherishes the playslip he uses to purchase Multi-Match tickets and will persist in testing his luck.

The couple expressed that they have no fixed plans at the moment, but they are considering using their winnings to embark on some exciting travels. Alternatively, they might use the money to buy a cozy home where they can escape the chilly Maryland winters and enjoy their time together.

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