3 Arrests made and 3 injuries reported after brawl involving numerous women in New Orleans

Mocobizscene-  During a bond-setting for two out of three arrested suspects, Orleans Parish Magistrate Commissioner Jonathan Friedman expressed his concern about a societal problem. He stated, “It was an agreed-upon fight, and that was part of the issue. But this is the societal problem we have. People want to bring firearms to fistfights.” Friedman emphasized the troubling trend of individuals resorting to violence and bringing guns into physical altercations.

According to a police affidavit for an arrest warrant, a clash that occurred near a park in Florida on February 15 was the result of a conflict related to a murder. The altercation was between Ireionne “Yyonyonn” Peters, 29, and a woman named Wendy.

Detective Jeffrey Crouch was able to confirm Peters and her boyfriend, Curtis Squire, who are suspects in the shooting, with the help of social media footage and anonymous tips. They also identified Paul L. Wilson as their known associate.

Assistant District Attorney Jamison Beuerman argued on Monday that Peters had directly encouraged another person to commit the crime, emphasizing the need for a $250,000 bond. “It is evident that she actively encouraged them to shoot their firearms,” he stated.

Friedman determined that there was enough evidence to justify the arrest of Peters on a charge of being involved in second-degree murder. He set a bond of $25,000 for Peters. Additionally, Friedman found probable cause for Squire’s arrest on a charge of attempted second-degree murder and set a bond of $150,000 for him.

On Sunday, Wilson was taken into custody at Orleans Justice Center. He is facing several charges, including attempted second-degree murder, aggravated assault, and domestic criminal damage to property. Additionally, he had an outstanding warrant from Jefferson Parish.

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