Third Tragedy in a Year: Another Suicide Occurs at Disneyland Resort Parking Garages – WDW News Today

According to the Orange County Register, a heartbreaking incident occurred at Disneyland Resort on Wednesday as a man leaped to his death from the Pixar Pals parking garage.

On Wednesday night, our reporters observed a considerable police presence at the Pixar Pals parking structure, which was partially restricted for guests at the time. The next day, OCR confirmed the occurrence.

According to Sgt. Jon McClintock, spokesperson for the Anaheim Police, authorities received a report of someone leaping from the structure around 9:30 pm on Wednesday, November 15. Upon arrival, law enforcement discovered the lifeless body of a man. At this time, the Orange County Coroner’s office is leading an investigation into the matter, which is being treated as a suicide.

In the span of a decade, the Disneyland Resort parking structures have sadly seen six reported deaths, with three of them occurring in the last year alone.

In December 2022, a tragic incident occurred as Christopher Christensen took his own life by jumping off the Mickey and Friends parking garage. Christensen, who was a principal at an elementary school in Huntington Beach, was facing misdemeanor charges for child endangerment and battery at the time of the incident.

In February, Marney Schoenfeld tragically passed away in Scottsdale, Arizona. She fell or jumped from the Mickey and Friends garage, receiving treatment at the scene before being pronounced dead at the hospital.

Back in 2000, the Mickey and Friends parking structure boasted a whopping 10,000 spaces, making it the largest parking structure in the world during that time. This was before the opening of Disney California Adventure, which is the second theme park in Disneyland Resort. In 2019, the Pixar Pals parking structure opened with 5,500 spaces.

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