Amber, flashing lights will no longer require permits in Georgia

Beginning July 1, drivers in Georgia will no longer need to obtain permits in order to have amber, flashing, or rotating lights on their vehicles.

The policy change is a direct result of a new state law passed in the most recent legislative session, known as House Bill 1193.

According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, HB 1193 has directed the state to eliminate the requirement for permits for amber flashing or revolving lights. The bill also clarifies which vehicles are legally permitted to use these lights.

According to a statement from GDPS, this bill aims to clarify that vehicles equipped with amber flashing or revolving lights should not be considered or operate as authorized emergency vehicles.

Starting from July 1, the department will no longer accept applications for amber light permits.

According to the state, if you are looking to obtain an amber light permit for transporting an oversized load or any other single-use purpose, and your trip is scheduled after June 30, 2024, you will not be required to get an amber light permit.

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