Alerts and cautions in place for Western Alaska

Extreme spring weather is currently wreaking havoc across various parts of Alaska. From the Aleutian chain to coastal and inland regions of Western Alaska, residents are experiencing a combination of high winds, blowing snow, rain, and an icy glaze.

Active storms are currently affecting the Aleutians and west coast, bringing with them a range of weather conditions such as precipitation, strong winds, and rising temperatures. As a result, multiple warnings and advisories are still in place to alert residents and ensure their safety.

The weather in Southcentral has taken a different turn. Anchorage experienced a mixture of fog and clouds on the first day of spring. However, as the day progressed, the clouds gradually lifted, allowing the sun to shine through and melt the snow, bringing warmth to the town.

Due to the significant thawing, roads are now covered with water.

Parts of the city experienced temperatures in the lower 40s on Wednesday, with the official high reaching 39 degrees.

Extreme weather in the western region occurs when the jet stream moves northward and traps surface low pressure, causing it to become stronger as it moves northward. Additionally, a ridge of high pressure blocks the systems from following a more typical west-to-east flow.

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