Alabama’s Law Enforcement Agency prepares for a busy Memorial Day Weekend on the Gulf

The Gulf Coast is gearing up for one of its busiest holiday weekends as vacationers flock to Orange Beach, Alabama.

News 5 had a conversation with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency regarding boat and water safety during the Memorial Day Weekend.

According to Joshua Thompson, the Public Information Officer of ALEA, the majority of tickets issued on the water are for not wearing life jackets.

According to Thompson, it is essential to have a life jacket for every person on the boat, ensuring that they fit properly and are in good condition. Additionally, if there are any occupants on the boat who are younger than 8 years old, they must wear the life jackets at all times.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is issuing a reminder to all individuals planning to be on a boat this weekend. It is crucial to have a designated driver and adhere to the regulations governing water activities.

As you sail the waters, whether it’s on a small vessel or a large one, rest assured that you are being observed. Thompson shared with News 5 the specific aspects that they are vigilant about.

According to the expert, there are several key issues that need to be addressed when it comes to boating safety. These include boating under the influence, where individuals who have been drinking operate a boat, as well as careless operation of a boat and improper sitting configurations.

To ensure a safe environment and provide guidance to beachgoers, the troopers will maintain a heightened presence on the water throughout the entire weekend. Their goal is to educate and protect all those who come down to enjoy our beautiful beaches.

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