Alabama Woman, Jasmine Calloway Host, 29, Goes Missing a Day Prior to Relocating with Husband in 2017

The disappearance of Jasmine Calloway Host is a case that remains veiled in speculation. Despite delving into the matter, more queries than solutions seem to arise. However, one thing that is irrefutable is the fact that the 29-year-old woman went missing on September 15, 2017, from Gadsden, Alabama. According to reports, Jasmine lived with her husband, Mark Host, a roommate, Rachel Sears, and a few young children. It is unclear who the children belonged to, but sources indicate that Jasmine and Mark were in a marriage described as “volatile.”

During the month Jasmine went missing, her family was preparing to move from Alabama to Dawson Springs, Kentucky, which is about four hours away. However, there are conflicting reports about whether Jasmine wanted to stay behind or if she disappeared the day before they were scheduled to move.

A report suggests that Sears informed the authorities that everything seemed normal when they woke up on the morning of September 16 to leave for Kentucky. However, upon inspection, they discovered that Jasmine Calloway Host was missing and has never been seen or heard from since. The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System stated that Host and Sears said Jasmine “stayed behind,” but it is unknown if there was any suggestion that the missing woman left on her own accord. There is no evidence to support the claim that Jasmine Calloway Host walked away from her life. As a result, she is classified as an endangered missing person on OBG.

A Look Into The Investigation

It is not clear how far the authorities have delved into Jasmine’s case. The public has not been informed of any details about her final movements at home, and what occurred to Mark Host, Rachel Sears, or the other individuals residing in the house remains a mystery. Host and Sears have not been identified as suspects or individuals of interest. Furthermore, no information regarding Jasmine’s social life or employment has been disclosed. Crime Stoppers has reportedly offered a $5,000 reward to anyone who can provide information that leads to the discovery of Jasmine’s whereabouts.

Jasmine Calloway Host: What To Know

Jasmine Calloway Host, who went missing, was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed between 145 to 155 pounds. She had brown eyes and black/dark brown hair. She used to wear a wig with long black hair and once had a shaved head. There are no known distinguishing marks or scars on her body. Her middle name is “Amorette-Nicole,” and she would be 33 years old presently.

If you have any information related to this case, please reach out to the Gadsden Police Department at (256) 549-4500, the Crime Stoppers tip line at 215-STOP (7867), or contact your local authorities. Remember to provide the agency case number 19004942 to the authorities. Your assistance could be crucial in helping to solve this case.

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