Officials report deaths and injuries caused by fire at Russian oil refinery

An oil refinery in northwestern Russia experienced a devastating fire on Sunday, according to local officials. Tragically, the incident resulted in fatalities and injuries.

According to the regional governor, the fire was not a result of a Ukrainian drone strike. Investigators have initiated a criminal case based on suspicions of negligence.

According to Komi’s emergencies ministry, the fire that occurred near the city of Ukhta in Russia’s northwestern Komi Republic resulted in at least three people sustaining injuries.

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The regional investigators stated that the fire resulted in fatalities, although they did not provide an exact number.

The authorities did not provide any information about whether the fire had been put out.

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According to a statement released on Telegram, a tragic incident took place at an oil refinery facility in the city of Ukhta. The incident occurred during scheduled technical work being carried out by a contractor, resulting in both fatalities and injuries.

An investigation has been initiated regarding potential negligence at the oil refinery, leading to the opening of a criminal case.

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According to Regional Governor Vladimir Uyba, the fire is not connected to a drone strike.

Russian refineries and oil terminals have been increasingly targeted by Ukrainian drone attacks in recent months, as part of a heightened assault on Russian territory.

The local authorities did not provide the specific name of the company owning the refinery. However, the images released by the local emergencies ministry display the logo of the renowned oil company, Lukoil.

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