Sydney Sweeney Acquiring a New Residential Property on the Oceanfront in Southern Florida

Actress Sydney Sweeney is set to become the owner of a stunning oceanfront mansion located in South Florida. The luxurious estate is currently under construction, and recent photos show Sydney already familiarizing herself with the neighborhood.

According to sources in the area, Sydney was spotted grabbing a cup of coffee at a local shop during Memorial Day weekend in Florida. TMZ was able to obtain photos of her enjoying her beverage. It’s believed that she was in town to attend a housewarming party.

Sydney is an attention-grabber no matter where she is, but her custom blue Fiat 500 makes it even easier to spot her in a crowd. A car enthusiast at heart, Sydney has shared some social media videos of herself cruising around the new property in her beloved vehicle.

Insiders who are familiar with the situation have informed TMZ that Sydney is currently in the midst of finalizing a deal for a new home in an undisclosed location. The property is listed at just under $20 million, however, it remains unclear what final price she will ultimately agree upon. As with any transaction, negotiations are key.

According to reports, the property acquisition will serve as an expansion to her real estate portfolio. This means that she will still be holding on to the Los Angeles house that she presently owns.

Sydney’s schedule is mostly occupied with movie sets nowadays. However, she now has choices for relaxation between shoots, and according to our sources, she is planning to spend a significant amount of time in Florida in the coming days.

Honestly, it’s hard to fault her for feeling that way. Sydney’s new residence is absolutely stunning – it’s situated right on the water and boasts over 7,000 square feet of pure opulence.

The property boasts impressive features, including a luxurious infinity pool equipped with both heating and cooling systems. The swim-up bar is a standout element, complete with comfortable underwater barstools for ultimate relaxation.

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