Aaron Rodgers Gets a Dose of His Own Conspiracy Medicine from Jimmy Kimmel

In response to independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s announcement of considering New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers as a possible running mate, Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t help but have a field day.

On Thursday, the late-night host once again targeted the one-time Super Bowl MVP, following recent reports that Rodgers supposedly expressed doubt about the authenticity of the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings.

Rodgers has vehemently denied the story, but Kimmel remains skeptical. This is not surprising considering the QB’s previous stance against vaccines and his apparent inclination to embrace conspiracy theories.

According to Jimmy Kimmel, Pamela Brown from CNN reported that Rodgers personally confronted her after the school shooting at Sandy Hook. Kimmel explained that Rodgers complained about the mainstream media covering up a false flag operation, which he found to be a disgusting thought. Kimmel also mentioned that another person heard Rodgers share this thought, but their identity remains anonymous.

Kimmel, reflecting on the nostalgia of simpler times, humorously remarked that conspiracy theorists were once merely individuals with an unusual fascination for Bigfoot romance. In a lighthearted response, Kimmel playfully sought to reciprocate Rodgers’ playful jesting.

During his recent statement, Kimmel expressed his reluctance to engage in conspiracy theories. However, he went on to share an intriguing revelation that the deep state allegedly conceals: “Aaron Rodgers never played football,” Kimmel jokingly asserted. In a playful manner, he suggested that Rodgers fabricated his entire career and is not actually a football player.

During his segment, Kimmel delved further into his alleged conspiracy theory regarding Rodgers, making claims that were clearly unfounded. However, he stated that these claims were “more plausible than the explanation Aaron Rodgers provided regarding the events at Sandy Hook.”

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