A Tennessee woman fights to prevent her attacker from being released from prison 13 years after suffering from severe injuries due to boiling oil.

Lindsey Arp was determined to testify against her attacker, who inflicted life-changing injuries on her, upon learning that he would be eligible for parole this month. She made it a point to be present during the hearing.

Haase was found guilty of attempting to commit first-degree premeditated murder in 2012 by a jury.

Arp’s way of life has been permanently altered due to the extensive burns he suffered in the attack thirteen years ago.

Arp, a 36-year-old mother, expressed her frustration with not being able to do simple activities with her children or go to the gym due to the risk of her skin grafts tearing open. She believes that at her age, she should not have to worry about such things and wishes for a more care-free lifestyle.

During the Wednesday morning hearing with the Tennessee Board of Parole, Arp passionately pleaded for Haase to be denied parole. It was revealed in court documents that Haase was not only convicted but also sentenced for a 1995 murder in Michigan subsequent to the assault on Arp.

Arp expressed disbelief over her attacker’s sentence, stating that he received a mere 40-year sentence at 35 percent, which she feels is a mere slap on the wrist. She believes that her attacker should be serving a life sentence, and she feels as though she is serving one herself. Arp emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating that this was not an ordinary domestic assault, as her attacker had attempted to take her life. She believes that it was crucial for her to share her story and be heard.

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Later this month, the Tennessee Board of Parole is anticipated to make its final decision. Nonetheless, Haase will still need to complete his prison sentence in Michigan.

As a mother of five children, Arp is determined to keep fighting for what she believes in. For the last ten years, her focus has been on advocating for victims of domestic violence, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Arp expressed her joy in witnessing her five children achieve their milestones and being able to actively participate in their lives. She emphasized the importance of not having to watch her children grow up from a hospital bed while someone else raises them. Arp believes her children know she is a fighter who always does the right thing, and she will continue to fight against any notion that men should have control over women.

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