A special graduation ceremony marks the departure of a ‘tiny miracle’ baby from Long Island hospital to head home.

On Wednesday, NYU Langone Hospital – Long Island celebrated what doctors are referring to as a tiny miracle as Little Shyne Graham was finally able to go home.

Shyne came into this world six months ago, arriving 24 weeks and three days early, weighing at a mere one pound, 11 ounces.

Breathing through a tube and enduring three infections, including E. coli and strep throat, were among the challenges she faced.

After 147 days, Shyne has completely recovered and is now prepared to depart from the NYU Langone- Long Island neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and return home permanently.

Baldwin, Nassau County is where Shyne and her family call home.

According to her mother, Phaebe Turner, Shyne is now a plump little baby, weighing nearly 10 pounds. Turner considers her daughter a true blessing from God and is grateful for her perfect health. The family is excited for Shyne’s homecoming day.

Lashon Pitter, the manager of the NICU nurses, organized a graduation ceremony that included caps and gowns to commemorate Shyne’s departure into the world.

The story is a remarkable demonstration of how modern medicine and the unwavering determination of a mother can work wonders, especially when dealing with a fragile newborn.

Pitter expressed her amazement at witnessing the growth of babies who start off as small as one’s hand and eventually become normal-sized babies. “It’s truly a remarkable sight,” she exclaimed.

According to Turner, she had been informed about the potential consequences, and looking at her present condition is nothing short of a miracle.

According to Turner, her daughter had to be intubated for several months, which prevented her from holding her for almost two months. However, she is now overjoyed to see her child thriving and growing big enough to finally go home and be with her family. Turner feels incredibly blessed to have her daughter with her and is grateful for her recovery.

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Turner experienced a bittersweet milestone as she reflected on losing her first child to a miscarriage on Mother’s Day in 2022.

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