Democratic Congressman Apologizes for Offensive Language Used in Hearing: ‘I Made an Error in My Words’

A Democratic congressman running for Senate expressed his apologies on Thursday after mistakenly using a racial slur during a House Budget Committee hearing. He clarified that he had intended to use a different word and acknowledged his mistake as a result of misspeaking.

During a discussion on tax policy, Rep. David Trone of Maryland made a regrettable remark to Shalanda Young, the first Black woman to serve as the director of the Office of Budget and Management. In his statement, Trone used an offensive term for Black people, which was completely inappropriate. He remarked, “So this Republican j—–o that, you know, it’s the tax rate that’s stopping business investment, it’s just completely faulty by people who’ve never run a business.” Trone’s choice of words was offensive and insensitive, and it is important to address such language with the seriousness it deserves.

Trone apologized for his use of the offensive word when he was contacted by the media. In a statement to The Washington Post, he acknowledged that he misspoke while attempting to use the word “bugaboo” during a hearing. Trone expressed deep disappointment upon learning the meaning of the word and sincerely apologized for his mistake.

In a subsequent statement, he acknowledged the deep and troubling history associated with the word.

“It should never be used in any conversation, at any time, and anywhere,” expressed Trone. He acknowledged his privilege as a white man and recognized his responsibility as an elected official to carefully choose his words, particularly in moments of intensity. He admitted that regardless of his intention, he should not have utilized that language.”

Trone is currently running for the Senate seat in Maryland, which is currently occupied by retiring Senator Ben Cardin.

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