A Selfless Preschool Teacher Offers the Gift of Life to a 5-Year-Old Suffering from End-Stage Liver Disease

In an incredible act of kindness, a preschool teacher has decided to donate part of her liver to save the life of one of her former students. Ezra Toczek, a five-year-old boy, has been waiting for a transplant due to end-stage liver disease. Despite hoping for a matching donor, his family never expected that the donor would be someone they knew. Carissa Fisher, Ezra’s former preschool teacher, surprised his parents with the news that she would be the one to make the heroic sacrifice to save Ezra’s life.

As reported by People, Ezra has been waiting for a transplant since February. As soon as the preschool teacher learned about his situation, she felt compelled to donate a part of her liver. Although she was unsure if she would be a suitable candidate, she decided to apply anyway. She kept the Toczek family in the dark until she was certain that the donation process would move forward.

Finally, Ezra’s teacher got some good news.

Towards the end of May, Carissa finally got the approval to become a living donor. However, she didn’t just break the news to Ezra and his family. She wanted to make the moment extra special. So, she arrived at their doorstep with colorful balloons and a massive sign that conveyed her desire to donate her liver.

The message exclaimed, “Hey Ezra! Do you want to split my liver?”

Of course, the answer was a resounding yes! Karen, the mother of Ezra, shared a heartwarming video of the incredible moment on Facebook.

In the caption, Mom expressed her amazement at the news, saying that her brain couldn’t process what she was reading until Miss Carissa said it out loud. She then went on to express her gratitude towards the perfect match that Miss Carissa turned out to be. The news was such a relief that Mom found herself shedding tears, and she admitted to not anticipating just how much it would affect her emotionally.

According to WKBW, Ezra has been grappling with health issues caused by liver damage since his birth. However, the situation became more critical when his family discovered that his organ was failing. To their immense relief, his teacher came forward with a selfless gesture – she offered to donate a portion of her liver to the boy. Carissa was deeply touched by the reactions of Ezra and his mother upon learning this news.

As the preschool teacher recounted the heartwarming experience, she expressed, “It’s incredible how one never knows whose life they might change. Witnessing their joy and happiness was truly emotional, and it brought me immense joy.”

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