A man from Michigan wins $4 million lottery prize after stopping for gas

A lucky Michigan resident had an unexpected stroke of fortune when he decided to fill up his gas tank and purchased a scratch-off lottery ticket. He ended up winning a whopping $4 million in prize money! This amazing news was reported on July 8th by UPI.

According to Michigan Lottery officials, a 52-year-old man from Saginaw County shared that he made a pit stop at the Fastline convenience store on State Street in Saginaw to refuel his vehicle. While he was there, he decided to purchase a couple of scratch-off tickets as well.

As per the player, they made a quick pit stop to refuel their vehicle and ended up purchasing two $4,000,000 Ultimate tickets on a whim. After scratching the barcodes, they scanned the first ticket, only to receive a message prompting them to file a claim. When the same message appeared after scanning the ticket again, the player assumed that the scanner was malfunctioning. However, the second ticket scanned correctly, leaving the player perplexed about what was happening.

He realized what was happening only after he finished scratching off the ticket, the man recounted.

As he was waiting to pump gas, he took out his ticket and accidentally scratched it. The moment he saw the winning amount, he was overwhelmed with emotions that are hard to put into words. Excitedly, he got into his car and exclaimed: “We’ve won $4 million!”

The champion stated that he intends to utilize his reward money to purchase property and invest in various opportunities.

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