90-Minute Rampage: Woman Hits 5 People, Stabs 2 Others with Car

Mocobizscene- Following a 90-minute violent crime spree across Maryland, a suspect was taken into custody. The first occurrence happened on Thursday, January 25, just after five o’clock in the evening. According to the police report, an adult woman was struck by a car that had pulled onto the sidewalk in Capitol Heights, resulting in minor injuries.

About 1.5 kilometers from the initial incident, they received a second report ten minutes later, stating that a motorist had struck two pedestrians, one of them was fifteen years old. The 15-year-old was then stabbed by the perpetrator when she exited her vehicle.

The other individual hit by the car only had minor injuries, while the stabbing victim was transported to the hospital in severe condition.

A third incident of a person being hit by a car approximately three miles away was reported to the police fifteen minutes later. The victim’s injuries were not very serious. After a short while, the culprit struck once more, causing minor injuries to another person.

Police received a second call about an hour later of a man who had been stabbed several times close to a gas station. According to the authorities, the guy flagged down an Uber and proceeded to attack the driver once inside his car. He was in critical condition when he was taken to the hospital.

According to investigators, each victim seems to have been chosen at random.

Police declared they had a suspect in custody a few hours later. She remained unidentified, and authorities offered no information regarding her possible motivation for the brutal, ninety-minute criminal spree.

The Prince George’s County Police’s Deputy Chief James McCreary compared the hunt for the perpetrator to that of the 2004 Washington, D.C., sniper who terrified the area for 22 days.

“The D.C. sniper when I was coming up is the closest thing I can think of in recent memory. It’s astonishing,” McCreary informed the media.

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