9-Year-Old Impresses in Screeching Competition with Hilarious Seagull Impersonation

A young boy named Cooper Wallace from Chesterfield in Derbyshire had a unique experience that turned him into a “seagull boy.” It all started when he got a nick from a seagull. Inspired by this encounter, Cooper decided to participate in the European Championship Gull Screeching event in De Panne, Belgium. His performance was nothing short of extraordinary, as he impressed the judges and scored an impressive 92 out of 100 points. Cooper’s journey is like something out of a comic book and showcases his budding heroism.

The young boy effortlessly emerged as the champion in the juvenile-level competition at the seagull screeching contest, surpassing all participants in every age category. The judges carefully assessed each contestant’s calls to determine their scores. In addition, extra points were awarded for the authenticity of their costumes. The judges also observed how well the contestants imitated real seagull behavior. Cooper’s impressive demonstration even involved him playfully pecking at French fries, as if attempting to “steal” them from his sister.

In a recent interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Cooper expressed his fondness for seagulls, stating, “They are such lovely creatures, and I especially appreciate their distinct calls.” Cooper also shared his apprehension about dining by the beach, admitting, “At times, they can be a bit intimidating, so I prefer to have my meals in a small tent.”

When Cooper was younger, he had a scary encounter with a pecking seagull. However, instead of letting fear consume him, he chose to learn and understand these opportunistic scavengers. Despite still carrying a trace of apprehension, Cooper has managed to turn that negative experience into a positive one.

Cooper, with his unwavering optimism, endured mockery from his peers as he diligently prepared for the seagull screeching competition in Belgium. However, now that he has triumphantly claimed the coveted award, his classmates shower him with praise instead of taunting. Let us all celebrate Cooper’s well-deserved victory and cheer for his remarkable achievement!

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