75-year-old speaks from hospital bed following Temple Hills stabbing

Last week, while visiting a takeout restaurant in Temple Hills, a 75-year-old woman was mercilessly stabbed. She told FOX 5 that she required trachea surgery due to the multiple stab wounds she sustained in the neck region.

Elda Perez Robinson reports that her limb contains close to twenty staples. Surgeons were incapable of suturing her due to the severity of the puncture wounds to her arm.

“I simply wish to convey to him the following: “How can he assault an elderly individual who is unrelated to him, has never encountered him, and has never caused him or anyone else harm? “It is simply not fair,” Perez Robinson remarked via telephone.

Perez Robinson continues to be monitored by her physicians to determine whether or not she can swallow effectively. On Monday, James Minor, 30, of Clinton, Maryland, who was arrested in connection with the heinous stabbing, appeared virtually before the Prince George’s County District Court for a bond hearing.

He was placed under custody without parole.

During the identical hearing, Minor’s public defender refrained from advocating for his release, provided no information regarding his criminal record, and did not request a mental health evaluation. Additionally, the public defender informed the judge that she has spoken with her client and is confident that he is coherent and cognizant of the situation. The attorney informed the court that she did not believe any competency issues existed.

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