22-year-old woman who underwent groundbreaking surgery in 2011 and inspired many with her survival passes away

Sadly, the young woman who once won the hearts of many across the Tri-State with her groundbreaking and life-saving surgery has passed away.

In 2011, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital featured Heather McNamara in one of their commercials when she was only 7 years old. She may be a familiar face to many people because of this.

She shared in the advertisement how doctors had to remove and then replace several of her organs to eliminate a tumor the size of a baseball.

“The Good Doctor” episode featured the extremely rare 23-hour medical procedure.

Doctors had deemed the surgery impossible, but against all odds, it was performed on her. The procedure had never been done on a child before, but she became the first to undergo it and it turned out to be a triumph.

Kemberly Richardson, a reporter for Eyewitness News, had the pleasure of…

As a college freshman, Heather had made a remark about the surgery that now carries a bittersweet sentiment.

On Saturday, Heather’s mother made the heartbreaking announcement of her daughter’s passing. The 22-year-old had been fighting a bacterial infection and multi-organ failure for months.

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