13-year-old boy struck by stray bullet while on his way to a New York City park as police car crashes while rushing to the scene, according to sources.

A 13-year-old boy in the Bronx was struck by a stray bullet while he was on his way to a park to pick up his siblings. Law enforcement sources and family members confirmed the incident.

Cops and sources have added that two NYPD officers were injured in a crash while en route to the scene.

Authorities said that shots rang out around 7 p.m. on the grounds of NYCHA’s Morrisania Houses on East 169th Street near Park Avenue, leaving the teenager with a head injury.

According to Joy, the cousin of the boy, he was just about to collect his two younger siblings, who are both under 4 years old. Joy mentioned that although she is considered an aunt by the children, she is actually their cousin.

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On Tuesday afternoon, the woman mentioned that the teenager was also responsible for picking up Joy’s son.

Joy recounted how her son was supposed to be picked up by someone in the park. He had been playing with another child, but unfortunately, he never reached them.

“He was shot, and they reached him in time,” she emphasized. “It could have easily been my son, as he was also present in the park.”

New York City liquor store owner taken into custody after unintentionally shooting a potential robber who attacked him on his premises, according to authorities.

According to sources, the boy, who seemed to be an unintended target, stated that he was walking when he suddenly heard a loud bang.

According to sources, he experienced a sensation of warmth trickling down his face, accompanied by a sudden surge of pain.

He suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was transported to Lincoln Medical Center.

The boy’s aunt reassured everyone, saying, “My nephew is doing fine. I’ve personally spoken to him, and he’s alright. The bullet only grazed the top of his head.”

“These children lack street knowledge,” she emphasized. “They pose a threat. They view firearms as adorable.”

Authorities have not made any arrests in relation to the violence.

An NYPD cruiser, with its sirens blaring, was racing to the scene when it abruptly swerved to avoid colliding with a vehicle that was not involved in the incident. In an unfortunate turn of events, the cruiser ended up crashing into a gate located approximately half a mile away on Webster Avenue, close to East 165th Street. The impact was quite significant, leaving a visible mark on the cruiser and the gate.

The two officers were transported to Lincoln Medical Center, where medical staff determined that they were in stable condition.

A wave of violence has swept through the city, claiming the life of another teenager and leaving several others injured. This disturbing trend started a few weeks ago, resulting in the deaths of two teenagers and the injuring of at least six more.

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