1.3 Tons Of Cocaine Discovered Inside Frozen Fish: “Operation Squid”

Portuguese authorities have made a significant discovery in their ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking. They recently uncovered over 1.3 tons of cocaine concealed within a shipment of frozen fish that had been transported from Ecuador. This massive haul, weighing as much as a compact SUV, was intended for distribution across Europe. The national police force announced this seizure, highlighting the success of their broader campaign against illicit drug trade.

A specialized unit at the Portuguese Judiciary Police is leading the campaign known as Operation “Squid.” Thanks to their recent breakthrough, they were able to apprehend seven men from different countries. These individuals are believed to be part of an international drug trafficking network responsible for importing and distributing cocaine. The police have not disclosed the identities of the arrested individuals, but they have revealed that the suspects range in age from 26 to 59 years old.

The shipment of frozen fish was intercepted by authorities at a warehouse, right after it had been unloaded at the Port of Lisbon.

According to the police announcement, the drug was cleverly concealed within the frozen fish, making it incredibly challenging to detect. In fact, the authorities had to resort to completely destroying the fish in order to remove the illicit substance. The announcement also included compelling video footage of officers unveiling the hidden drugs by opening boxes.

As part of the “Squid” operation, law enforcement authorities carried out additional searches which resulted in the confiscation of eight firearms, luxury vehicles, documents, and other possible evidence. These items will be crucial in the ongoing investigation into the trafficking incident.

Just days after authorities in the United Kingdom uncovered a massive cocaine shipment hidden among bananas, another significant discovery was made in Portugal. This recent find adds to the growing concern over the global drug trade. In the UK, police found a staggering 12,500 pounds of cocaine concealed within the fruit, with an estimated street value of approximately $568 million. This seizure set a new record for the largest single seizure of hard drugs in the country. The back-to-back discoveries highlight the ongoing battle against drug trafficking and the need for continued vigilance in combating this illicit trade.

In December of last year, Spanish police made a significant discovery when they found a massive cocaine shipment hidden within frozen tuna. According to Reuters, the fish had been imported from South America and was intended for distribution across Europe. Weighing in at 7.5 tons, this drug bust marked the largest seizure of drugs in the history of Galicia, the coastal region of Spain where it was uncovered.

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