The FBI responds to Katie Britt’s home in Montgomery for a suspicious package that is subsequently found safe

Senator Katie Britt’s home in Montgomery was the site of a recent investigation by the FBI regarding a suspicious package.

Fortunately, it was later determined to be safe. Britt has been recovering at home after experiencing sudden facial numbness last month, which was believed to be caused by a post-viral infection.

In a statement released to, Britt expressed appreciation for the prompt and professional response of local and federal authorities.

The U.S. Capitol Police and Montgomery Police Department were initially contacted, and the FBI and explosive ordnance disposal team quickly followed. After investigating the scene, the package was declared safe, allowing Britt and her family to return home.

WSFA reported a separate incident on the same day that involved a suspicious powder at the Alabama Supreme Court building in Montgomery.

It is unclear whether authorities believe this incident to be connected to the package at Britt’s home, and a spokesperson for the Montgomery Police Department could not be reached for comment.

The all-clear was also given for the powder, which was found in mail opened in a secure, non-public area of the building. Employees of the Alabama Supreme Court were able to return to work following the investigation.

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