Response of Alabama legislators to the declaration of gun violence as a public health emergency

Dr. Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General, has recently released a new advisory stating that gun violence should be considered a public health emergency.

In his address, he emphasized the need for a ban on assault weapons for civilians and the creation of safer conditions in public spaces to tackle gun violence. While some lawmakers in Alabama may hold differing perspectives on the root causes and potential solutions to this issue, they all agree on the pressing need to address it without delay.

After serving in law enforcement for 35 years, State Representative Allen Treadaway (R-Morris) has observed a concerning trend. He believes that the rise in gun-related crimes can be attributed to a shortage of officers on duty.

According to Treadaway, there was a time when crime rates were at their lowest, and police departments had their highest staffing levels. During this time, police officers felt supported, a stark contrast to how they feel now.

According to State Representative David Faulkner, mental health also plays a significant role in gun violence.

Faulkner believes that there are numerous mental health issues that need to be addressed in order to find solutions. According to him, increasing the presence of law enforcement can be an effective way to tackle these issues.

According to State Rep. Neil Rafferty (D- Birmingham), it is essential to address the issue of universal background checks. He emphasized the need for individuals to have access to proper training and education to understand that owning a firearm is not a trivial matter. “It’s not a toy,” he added.

According to State Rep. Phillip Ensler (D- Montgomery), glock switches have the potential to transform pistols into machine guns, which is why he has been actively involved in drafting a legislation that would ban these devices.

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Ensler believes that implementing a law against a certain action can discourage some individuals from doing it, while also ensuring that those who still choose to engage in the action are held accountable. She dismisses the argument that people will inevitably break the law, citing the frequent enactment of laws by legislative bodies.

According to Ensler, the problem of gun violence should be viewed as a matter of public safety rather than just a gun control issue.

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