17 years ago, a mother from Montgomery vanished while walking to the store

Wilie Lou Ollison has spent years living without knowing what happened to her child. Expressing her frustration, she believes that someone out there knows something about her child’s disappearance.

Nickie, also known as Aubrina Nicole Mack, is a spirited and self-reliant mother of two. According to her father, she always had a knack for solving problems independently, be it managing her finances or repairing her car.

Larry Mack, the father of the missing woman, expressed that his daughter was an independent and responsible woman who held a job and took care of her two children. He emphasized that she was dedicated to her responsibilities until the day she disappeared.

On August 15, 2006, Aubrina Mack went missing while living with her sister in a residence on Central Street in Montgomery. According to reports, she mentioned to a few individuals that she was heading to the store on foot that same afternoon.

“Someone out there has information,” expressed her mother.

The Montgomery police have classified this case as a missing person investigation since there have been no arrests or leads. According to her mother, police have obtained surveillance footage from the store where she was last seen, but there is no evidence to suggest that she entered the premises on Central Street.

According to Ollison, there is no indication that her daughter voluntarily left with someone in a car.Ollison is haunted by the mystery on Central Street. Her family is concerned that she may have been abducted.

During a balloon release ceremony held in August, the mother of the missing daughter expressed her belief that her daughter would never abandon her children or family. “We’re just seeking assistance,” she stated.

When Aubrina Mack was 21, she often took walks up and down the street and to the neighboring areas. Today, her two young children, Samiyah and Breanna, are now adults and help organize yearly gatherings in honor of their mother. Although they don’t remember much about her, they cherish the memories of her love and hope that someone will recall what occurred on that fateful day in August.

Larry Mack expressed that his children never had the opportunity to truly know their mother.

During the August balloon release event, Samiyah Clowney, her daughter, expressed her longing for her mother by saying, “I have a hope that one day she’ll come here, give me a tight hug and tell me that she needs me. That’s why I keep coming here, believing that she’s still out there.”

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