Alabama Department of Transportation Halts Lane Closures in Observance of Fourth of July

As the Fourth of July approaches, many Alabamians are gearing up for an extended holiday. In just a week’s time, festivities will be in full swing.

According to AAA, over 70 million individuals are expected to travel more than 50 miles for this year’s holiday season. In an effort to alleviate any potential travel woes, the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) has declared a statewide cessation of lane closures from July 3 to July 7.

According to Tony Harris with ALDOT, it is important to keep in mind a few key things before embarking on your drive, especially as congestion is still anticipated on the roads.

According to Harris, it is highly recommended for individuals to plan their trips ahead of time to avoid any hassle. The ALGO Traffic App or the web version at can be used to access valuable information regarding travel times. “This will enable them to stay informed about the latest updates,” Harris added.

Rick Galloway, the pastor of Dorsett Chapel Church in Salisbury, North Carolina, made arrangements for their youth group to travel to Montgomery early, so they wouldn’t have to travel on the Fourth of July.

Galloway expressed his gratitude towards the perfect planning that allowed him and his colleagues to return home and celebrate the Fourth of July without any worries about business on the highways. He added that this would enable them to spend quality time with their families back home.

Troy Smith, a Mobile native, has chosen to spend the holiday with his family at home.

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Smith expressed a desire to stay put and avoid extensive traveling, stating, “We don’t like to get out on the road and do a whole lot of traveling.” However, Smith also acknowledges the abundance of activities available in their local area of Baldwin County.

According to Sgt. Jeremy Burkett, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will have troopers stationed on both the roads and waterways to ensure the safety of everyone.

Burkett stated that analyzing patterns of criminal behavior is similar to analyzing crash data and statistics. This helps to identify locations where issues have historically occurred.

When driving, it’s important to keep your focus on the road, according to Burkett’s advice.

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